New Arrivals : Japanese Designer

Japan’s designers draw inspiration from the East and the West; the traditional and the ultra-modern. From critically-acclaimed legends to imaginative emerging designers, here are some of the Japanese jewelry designers we would like to introduce to you.

Delicate Pearls

With over 40 years of experience, this collection is well-known for recreating timeless Victorian-inspired fine jewelry with the use of gold, diamonds, seed pearls and semi-precious stones.

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10k Gold Jewelries HK$ 1,980 - HK$ 2,980

Handcrafted Pearls

Japanese artisans have been using lacquer on a wide range of decorative objects since a long time ago. Today, this Tokyo-based fine jewelry designer is updating this tradition with a gorgeous lineup of handcrafted gold and pearl earrings.

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10k Gold Earrings HK$ 2,280 - HK$ 5,380

Contemporary Pearls

Under the concepts of “creating happiness” and “creating what has never been done”, this unique and interesting collection is not just about jewelry, but also graphic and space design with 3-dimension.

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Gold Plated Jewelries HK$1,480 - HK$ 2,380

Akoya Pearls

Japanese Akoya pearls are renowned for their luxury luster, but often considered as classic. With the use of fine 18k white gold, rose gold and diamonds, this talented designer successfully brought this classic Japanese pearl a new life.

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18k Rose Gold Jewelries HK$3,280 - HK$ 3,680

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